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  1. Having barely even looked at an instrument before, I was a bit wary of starting drumming lessons – but I needn’t have been. Richie is a super friendly guy with infinite patience and always happy to answer any questions I might have, no matter how basic or how many times I’ve already been told. The lessons are always interesting and fun, with a great blend of approaches and different musical styles. I’ve been going for a year and a half now, and I still look forward to it every week! I would definitely recommend Richie to anyone, regardless of age or ability.

  2. Richie’s been my drum tutor for around two and a half years, at which point my drumming would have been classed as “beginner”, and that’s being generous!

    He is an excellent drummer and more importantly a good teacher; very patient and encouraging, however long it takes you to pick up a certain piece of music. He is very flexible with his material and will tailor lessons to what you need/want to do. He has an appreciation for a wide range of musical styles and can therefore cater for any drumming technique you would like to learn.

    He is also very helpful with regards to recommending material and giving advice to help you develop and practice in between lessons.

    On top of all this he is an absolute top guy; very easy to get on with and down to earth.

    You would be hard pressed to find a better person to help you develop your drumming skills. I really can’t recommend him highly enough.

  3. Having not picked up a set of sticks in over 15 years, at the beginning of 2012 I thought it was about time to start playing drums again. I started my tuition with Richie and haven’t looked back. He is really patient and makes every lesson interesting and challenging. As i was also completing my masters degree and working at the same time, i sometimes found it a bit tough to put my all into practicing. Richie was more than understanding and accommodating.

    I really enjoy his approach to teaching and always find myself looking forward to the next lesson. He has a really good understanding of different music styles, and an even better appreciation for the gurus such as Ted Reed, Gary Chaffee, Gary Chester, and Dave Garibaldi to name a few.

    He is a really great down to earth guy, making it easy to recommend him to anyone wanting to further their drumming ability.

  4. I hadn’t a clue. I’d not even touched a drumstick before unless it was from KFC.

    Within no time at all Richie had me grooving some riffs or whatever it is you do with the drumkit. Within two weeks, I was doing what John Bonham does in “When the Levee Breaks”. How did he do that? No idea really, but it’s what happened. And it’s not like that’s the type of drumming he teaches. If I’d been wanting to accompany Seasick Steve, Adele or Rachmaninov (huh?), he’d have had me doing that too.

    I guess it’s to do with him being extremely accomplished himself – I mean ‘wowww’ accomplished. Also a great understanding of what’s actually happening – rhythm structures, etc., through his years studying music. Oh, and a patient, sympathetic approach which means that whether I’d been away and practiced a lot, a little, or more often not at all, he was no less keen to encourage my progress.

    I can’t recommend Richie highly enough. Want to learn the drums? Want to progress your skills? Richie thunkthunk-badabada Harwood.

  5. Richie’s just want you want. He’s clear, enthusiastic, patient, funny and smart. He has an encyclopedic knowledge of modern music. He always gives time and thought in advance of a lesson to putting together material that you will enjoy and that will help you progress. Nothing not to like.

  6. I have only just started playing drums and couldn’t ask for a better teacher.

    Every session is fun and you always take something away with you that spurs you on to continue.

    Richie’s teaching style is perfect for me, as he is patient and gives you good understanding of the fundamentals which is crucial with out getting you bogged down with theory… he always introduces new elements that makes it hard but at the same time keeps it interesting which leaves you with a great sense progress and achievement.

    Richie will always provide you with material that will help you work on elements that were introduced in the previous lesson, which makes it that much easier going into the next lesson.

    I would recommend Richie to anyone looking to learn and or master the art of drumming.

  7. I chose Richie as teacher based on the comments above and I’m so glad I have! I couldn’t agree more on his keenness to make you progress, the effective tailored lessons, his continuous encouragements and his effortless uber coolness…

    If you want to learn how drumming isn’t just about banging on stuff, get exercises for home practice, and have each session built up from the previous one, in an ideal central London location – he’s the man. Also a reliable source for new music and cool coffee shops !

    New year, new skills. Get in there.

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